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Course Image Improving Digital Skills

Improving Digital Skills

Learning basic digital skills related to media literacy plus correlated elements of ICT-literacy. The proposed activities encourage collaboration as well as surfacing of talents normally neglected at school, thus re-vamping motivation.

Course Image Numerical Skills

Numerical Skills

Learning Maths with code by the methodology of Flipped Classrom, so they can feel a better accomplishment and personal satisfaction into their lives leading to a more active participation at school and better results at their curricula. Through flipped classroom model, students can focus on learning by doing, with the teacher guiding the way, being the lecture no longer the driver of concept mastery.

Learning coding will empower participants to better understand maths and to do many things they would not otherwise be able to do, including hand-crafting their own websites, or shaping their educational path aiming at a career coder or even at starting a technology business. This will indirectly favour creativity and most importantly, it will improve their ability to understand the technology shaping our world.

Course Image Introduction to Scratch

Introduction to Scratch

This course is an introductory chapter of Scratch programming language.

Course Image Teachers Lesson Plans

Teachers Lesson Plans

This is the place where teachers from all countries could upload and share with all comunity their own lesson plans.